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Track all your daily goals by letting your device remind you every day what you have to do.


Some Reasons to Download EvereeME

Calendar View

All your questions are nicely displayed like a daily agenda.


Don't miss any questions. You have no excuse.

Control of your Data

You have full access to your data and you can delete your account at any time.

Discover EvereeME

• How many hours did I sleep last night?
• How much time did I take to go to work this morning?
• Did I go to the gym today?
• How was my mood during the day?

You always ask yourself the same questions every day and would like to measure their answers? With EvereeME, it is now easy to measure what we call your "Quantified Self".

Enter your questions, choose a type of answer, set a reminder time for each of them and your device will ask you the same questions every day, again and again. As simple as that! All your questions and answers will be nicely displayed in form of a calendar and timetable. So, easy access to everything. You forgot to answer a question some days ago? No problem. Just select the day you missed the question and type your answer.

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Launch EvereeME

Download the app and create an account in EvereeME either with your email address or with your Facebook/Google/Apple account. All your data is securely stored on a server and on your device.

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Create a free account with your email address and a password or connect with your Facebook/Google/Apple account. EvereeME does not publish anything. It only retrieves your name, email address and avatar.

  • 2
    Create your First Question

    Name your quetion, choose a type (text, number, yes/no, time, list), set a daily trigger with an optional start and stop date and you are ready to go!

  • 3
    Let your Device remind you

    You do not need to worry. Your device will remind you on time every day to answer all the questions you have set.


Download EvereeME and Start Improving your Life NOW!

*Works on iOS 12+.


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